Services & Fees

Our bank account details are – Lyttelton Health Centre 02 0864 0076731 00


AgeEnrolled – payment is expected on the day
Under 14 years$0
14 – 17 years$40
14 – 17 years Community Service Card holder$13
18 – 65+ years$56
18 – 65+ years Community Service Card holder$19.50

Please note that patients not enrolled at Lyttelton Health Centre will pay a higher consultation fee

We are often asked questions about our ACC fees such as why are ACC fees the same?
Answer: In the past, when there was no subsidy for standard consultations, ACC was the only source of subsidy for adults and the fees were correspondingly lower. ACC subsidies are now very similar to those offered for non ACC consultations and it is no longer possible for us to absorb the additional costs.

Our appointments are 15 minutes. As a courtesy to others and in the interest of good practice please book a double appointment if you have multiple issues you wish to discuss.

Services charged in addition to consultation

Blood Test (with Health Centre nurse)$20 – This is a free service if done at any Awanui Lab (SCL)
Cervical Smear Doctor$56
Cervical Smear Nurse$42
HPV Screening with Nurse$30 or funded for some
Depo Provera$30
Dressings$26 – 35
ECG (on site)$50
Liquid Nitrogen$26 – 36
Minor Surgery (minimum fee). Please ask for a quote$250
Prescriptions – repeat$20, allow 5 days as this will give you the best chance for continuity of care for your own GP to complete
$25 urgent – 24 hours
$15 CSC holders

Other services

Administration (forms, letters, certificates etc)$25
Child immunisationsFREE
Sexual health consultation (for those 14 – 17 years)FREE
Dive Medical$150
Driver License Medical – HT, including P Class$120
Driver License Medical – 75 years +$60
Missed appointment (without cancellation phone call)$40
Missed appointment with CSC card (without cancellation phone call)$15
Telephone Consultation$56 – No CSC
$19.50 – CSC Holder
Travel Consultation – pre consultation form to be completed please$200 for a 30-minute consultation with one of the travel team – Tara, Anna or George. Additional costs will occur for vaccinations, if required. We do not provide Yellow Fever vaccinations, which may be an issue when traveling to countries such as Southern Africa. You would have to go to a travel clinic in the city for this.

Click here to download the printable pre travel consultation form
Click here to complete online
Warfarin monitoring per chart line$25.50
Shingles Vaccine – 2 needed$350 each