Sexual Health

Sexual health costings for enrolled patients

STI counselling/screening

  • normal consultation charge

Contraceptive Pill

  • normal consultation charge

IUD insertion

  • device is government funded
  • $180 insertion charge ((subsidy may apply)**
  • pre insertion consult required in most cases.

Implant insertion

  • device is govt funded
  • $180 insertion (subsidy may apply)**

IUD removal

  • normal consult charge (subsidy may apply)**

Implant removal

  • normal consultation charge (subsidy may apply)**

Depo injection

  • $30

PREP prescription.

  • normal consultation charge (subsidy may apply)**

** there are some socioeconomic and medical situations which may qualify for a CDHB determined subsidy – please discuss with your GP about this

Sexual health Costings for enrolled patients – (17 years of age and under are free)